Health and Safety

All the works to be carried out within the exhibition area are subject to supervision by “NEHIR OHSS Company” on behalf of YEM EXHIBITIONS within the scope of H&S Law No.6331.
Badges using during the set-up process
All contractors who will be in the exhibition area have to report all insurance papers to the Nehir ISG in accordance with H&S Law No.6331. For this reason, all employees who will work at the exhibition area must register to OHSS Information Input System otherwise, they will not be allowed in the exhibition area.

For detailed information please contact;
OHS Advisor
Authorized: İhsan Boran Gürer
Mobil Tel: 0545-830 1208

Stand Project Check and Approval
Exhibitors who participate in the exhibition with space only stands must submit their projects to the NEHİR project Supervision team no later than May 10, 2019 and have written approval letter called “Suitable for Installation”. 

For more detailed information, please contact;
Construction Engineer: Mr. Muhammed Yıldırım

Technical Manual
Customer Success Team

+90 212 266 70 10




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