Catalogue & Badges

Catalogue Management System
We kindly asking you to complete your company profile in order to take place in the Exhibition Catalogue using the Online Catalogue System without waiting for the deadline. 
Step 1. Your loggin information has been automatically sent to your registered email address. If you are having trouble with logging or  if you don't know your password, please contact with Customer Success Team

Step 2. The Company Profile is a professional introduction and aims to inform visitors about your products or services. Please click on the ”Company Profile” at the top of the screen. Fill the required information from the drop-down page and press the “Save and Continue Later“ button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3. Please don't forget to press "Complete" button for your profile to be processed and ensure that your catalogue information is correct before finalize the session through "Complete" button.

Exhibitor Badges 
  • Once the information that you saved is checked and approved by Customer Success Team, you can create your badges from the "Procedures" menu at the top of the page.
  • The exhibitor is able to use only one e-mail address for creating badges on the system. Each badges will be send entered e-mail address on badges section.
  • The number of the badges to be issued for each exhibitor is based on the stand area (sqm): 3 Badges will be issued for the first 10 sqm of stand area, 1 Additional badge will be issued for each additional 10 sqm of stand area.


  If you have any further queries please contact with Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

+90 212 266 70 10




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